Karin stepped into a dark corridor, as the door shut behind her, a small candlelight in the distance dimly lit a long hallway. She approached it to find a desk and lady sitting behind it. She was reading some old magazine when she suddenly looked up to see a strong womenly figure towering above her. ‘Erm,’ she got up to her feet, ‘Welcome to PureBlood,’ she smiled, ‘anything we can fancy you with?’

‘What do you have?’

‘Depends what you like. Men? Women? Toys? By my guess you look like you like em big,’

‘I heard you have ‘Milk-people?’

‘What?’ she tried to shy away, ‘whoever gave you that idea?’

‘I have the money,’ she placed a few crunched up notes on the table. The lady’s eyes opened. ‘Unfortunately darling we just have the one, and she’s a lady,’


‘Oh!’ surprised she wrongly read her customer, she quickly picked up the notes from the desk and started counting. ‘You’re short,’

‘Karin reached for her belt sac and grabbed a little more.

‘You’re still short,’

Karin didn’t buy the hustle. ‘Fine, I’m leaving.’

‘Ok, ok!’ she stopped her. ’20 minutes tops and it’s every ten minutes after that.’

Karin was ushered into a large room with a high ceiling, long drapes hiding the windows, a massive bed with carved wooden frames, velvet sheets and white netting dressed over it teasing a night of erotic mysticism. There was a hint of saffron burning from an incense. The smoke danced before Karin’s eyes, and the aroma soothed her. Beyond it, a dainty figure stood wrapped in satin, just one silver transparent piece, covering only parts seeking the attention of the beholder. As she walked toward the weary traveler, her tunic hugged and released her curves in each stride accentuating her already marvellous design.

She was a feet away when she stopped. She pulled her hand toward her shoulder and unfastened a clip, before letting go she held on to the loose end and gracefully handed it to Kira. ‘Hold this and tug,’ she said in a mellow tone, like a soft touch on a piano key. Kira obeyed and pulled, and all came loose. There before her stood a beautiful body of feminine grace, with just very minimal tunic kissing her most sensitive areas. She was white as the afternoon sun, in all her vulnerability but yet having all the control. Kira forgot to exhale, her heart pounded as she stood paralyzed. She had seen no one like this before, only heard rumors but here was living proof. This girl had hairs of the leafy autumn, eyes of ocean summer, tenders like the flowers in spring, and all perfectly mapping her winter skin. The girl carved the sweetest smile, enjoying the attention of the dumbstruck customer, stupefied above her knees.

She snapped her fingers at her, ‘You look like you are seeing a ghost,’

‘Am I?’ Karin whispered. The girl chuckled under a broad smile. She touched Kira’s hand and placed it on her smooth and firm flank. ‘Feels real enough?’ she pressed her warm supple breasts over Karins’. ‘How bout now?’

‘It’s true what they say about you,’ Karin whispered under her breath.

‘And what is that?’

‘You are exquisite’ trying to express an analogy, ‘like diamonds.’

‘Yes,’ she stepped back her face down, ‘like diamonds’. Karin could feel her retracting.

‘Yes, exceptional, rare….’ Karin stood perplexed.

‘Rare could also means endangered,’ she said. Karin could palpate a somber truth behind those words and she sort of understood.

The desk lady from earlier cleared her throat at the door. It was unclear for how long she was standing there. ‘Listen you inbred dimwit, flap those lips INSIDE the customer, not AT them. At least she’ll get her money’s worth.’

Karin looked back. ‘You told me I have 20 minutes and you’re cutting into it. I am not paying for all the time lost,’ and dismissed the old woman. The girl was grateful. Karin understood that the smile was just a facade, so as to not ruin the fantasy. it was just something to hide a darker secret.

The girl approached Karin again dancing with her eyes and her head, distracting her customer while she sneaked her hand between Karin’s thighs slightly stroking it as Karin made it easier for her. ‘Who are you?’ Karin asked.

‘Rayna, but you did not come here to hear stories of me or about my people. You came here to taste one. So, why don’t I help you take off these overalls…’ she jabbed her finger up between Karin’s legs, triggering a frenzy of sporadically firing impulses from the loins radially; a feeling she has not had in a long time. The girl smiled yet again, ‘and we can relax.’

Rayna turned around and walked gracefully toward the bed, each stride swinging her hips allowing her customer to marvel at her posterior. She spread herself over the mattress and started to gently caress herself making soft moaning noises, teasing a night of venereal pleasures that Karin won’t ever forget.


The arena was no more, swept by the hurricane, indistinguishable from a common junkyard. ‘Well, that was a bust,’ Kim sighed. She squinted far into the distance where the heat danced about the dunes. She could almost make out something. ‘Fuck yeah!’ overjoyed to see what might be pickup trucks. She saw a lonely black horse staring back at her a few feet away. ‘Well, now is a good time as any to learn,’ she carefully crept toward the horse.

‘Neigh!’ it shrieked startled as Kim leaped for it’s back. It started to run off, throwing Kim off center. She held on pulling on its mane to regain balance only making the horse panic even more. Her body was swinging from its side, her feet being dragged over the sands. As the horse jolted, her hands slipped as she was tossed back fell hard on her posterior.

Kim winced hard trying to get up. She scanned her surroundings. The trucks were now closer but she also saw figures walking around it. ‘Fuck!’ 3 stoic looking brutes with rifles were busy loading the trucks with goods from an old warehouse half buried in sand. She could only make out shadows and silhouettes, but the goods came in all shapes and sizes, from sacs to crates and even a few cages with what appeared to be capuchin monkeys inside them, all viciously fighting back.

‘Large cargo,’ Kim scratched the back of her neck, eyeing a lucrative opportunity presented before her. She headed north toward the warehouse making sure she was incognito at all times. It was vital she remained stealthy as she was clearly outnumbered. She counted 4 men at the entrance. The flanks were not guarded and that was going to be her way in. The back fence was 5 feet tall. It would have been higher if the sandstorms didn’t already bury half the place, and no barb wire, so she started climbing, careful as to not rattle it. She had done this too many times to be careless, in fact she considered herself an expert. But that was her problem, her overconfidence sometimes made her miscalculate, as there was a fifth member and he was staring right at her, screaming at her, alerting everyone else.

‘Shit!!’ She dashed toward the building. She leaped to reach the old rusty pipes and headed for the roof. Shots were being fired at her but she paced steadily, head ducked to limit their vision, as she made way to the front. Shot were then also fired from below, chipping off the roof tiling and wooden bars. She counted on her stars to guide her. A frenzy of bullets stormed toward her from all sides as she was being isolated to a restrictive perimeter.

Surrounded she noticed the men and their bullets closing in on her, and now some of them were even climbing up. Then, to her surprise, her stars came to her aid. The tiling beneath her collapsed as the foundations shook. Old wood and steel couldn’t take all the weight and bullets, and so Kim came down hard on a free-fall. She landed hard on cement. ‘Arghhhh’ she screeched, as she felt back crack. ‘There!’ another voiced. She quickly got to her feet resisting her body’s desire to rest and wobbled to the loading truck.

‘Hey!’ a startled man shouted trying to find aim with his rifle. She launched at him, mauling his face with her metal claws, his rifle firing aimlessly into the ceiling. His mates ducked, and a few of them took in a couple of bullets to their chests and shins. Kim didn’t flinch. She barged into the driver’s seat and jammed her fist on the ignition. The truck was slow to pick up speed, but it held strong against the bullet assault and soon, it was off.

It was now a battle of will, a war of resilience, and the men chased her in dessert jeeps. She was hauling the cargo, and through the rear-view mirrors, she noticed they were picking up pace, howling and screaming, cursing and firing at will. ‘This won’t do,’ she muttered, she kicked the accelerator hard and punched the ‘cruise’ button. While the truck self drove, she climbed back to the wellside, still feeling pings all over her spine. A gush of blood wet her pants along with powerful uterine contractions. But she knew she had to power through. She kicked and broke the rear tailgate, sending it flailing to a truck closely approaching, smashing it’s windows, confusing the driver, sending himself and the gunner on a swerve until the truck toppled over itself.

Bullets flew from the east, one scratched her thigh, her pants quickly drenched with even more blood. ‘Arghh!’ she screeched yet again. ‘STOP FUCKING SHOOTING AT ME,’ she yelled. The monkeys in the cages were riled up, panicking and in rage. She tried to push them off the vehicle as they scratched her back pass the cage bars viciously. The second truck was close and the gunner howled in confidence. He tried firing at the tires but the none would hit. She gave up trying to push and took a second to gather all her strength. With one loud grunt she made a spartan kick on the cage. The monkeys shrieked in panic as the cage flew across, tumbling over and rammed straight into the truck behind. A massive explosion followed, confirming her kills, along with a few dead monkeys which could have made for a descent meal. The rest scurried, holding on to their dear precious lives.

‘Hey!’ Hey!’ she heard a scream in the distance. A young woman called out like a crazy person running in the empty sands all by herself, from virtually no threat, just some rubble, and the remains of an old escape pod; the kind from space. They exchanged looks for a brief second before Kim realized she had to get back in front. The woman kept screaming but was completely ignored. Kim had other priorities and picking up hitchhikers was not part of it. Another truck still followed, and the bullets did not stop coming. Kim’s head was getting lighter and lighter by the minute as she tried to keep her eyes open and on the road. Danger was not out of the way just yet.

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