‘Oh Yes!’ Rayna screamed to the night sky watching her partner gracefully move, turning her hips, loading her barrel and firing.

Karin shot two more goons down as they clenched their chests and bled out through their lips.

‘Just where are they coming from?’ cursed Karin under her breath.

The cart stopped and Karin got off to inspect the perimeter.

‘Are there more?’ Rayna whispered excitedly.

‘You seem to be enjoying this,’ Karin released her guard, holstered her pistol and tilted her body back to Rayna. The girl stood barricaded by barrels of beans on the cart. She returned an innocent look. There was an awkward silence before the chirping of mockingbirds in the distance broke it.

The forestry was lush, green, something Rayna had never seen before. She dropped down to a soft thud and buried her toes in the grass. It was moist and a little unnerving but Karin calmed her down. ‘Might be a little scary at first, but someday you will wish you were back.’

Karin took off her boots and rested her bottom on the grassy meadow. The wind whistled through the leaves and the night sky bathed them with a cold illuminance. Rayna walked toward Karin, careful with her steps until she found herself adapting and even enjoying it.

‘Is this what you meant by you would show me the world?’

‘Part of it yes,’

‘My whole life I had only seen dust and sex, but just 3 days with you and…’ she started to tear but Karin quickly caught it from falling all the way down to her neck.

‘Dust and sex is good too,’ she replied. They smiled at each other enjoying the glimmer of each other’s eyes in the serenity of the moonlight and the melody of forest.

‘How do you do all that?’

‘Do what?’ Karin furrowed her brows.

‘Be you?’

‘I was always alone, and when you are alone, you survive or die. There is no in between,’

‘I have always been alone too,’

‘and here you are surviving, so I can ask the same thing can’t I? How do you be you?’

Rayna dropped her head over Karin’s lap enjoying the warmth of her partner’s thighs over her right ear. She snuggled her head as her hair softly tickled Karin past her tunic. It didn’t take long before Karin was feeling deeply aroused.

‘Say Rayna,’ she said patting her head, stroking her hair softly. ‘Would you like to learn how to use a gun?’

‘I would,’ Rayna replied.

‘I don’t mean for shooting,’

‘Then?’ She turned her head left to look up. She noticed Karin’s chest moving deep and fast, her nipples conspicuously hard through her tunic. ‘Oh!’ she gasped.


Kira held Kim by the shoulders and on they went deeper into the tunnels, as per Kim’s directions. Kira was half-hearted to lay all her trust on her newly found friend but without alternative options, it was the smartest thing to do.

‘There,’ Kim pointed far into a deep hollow tunnel, where a sound of thunderous water roared.

‘You sure that’s not the oil?’

‘No, it’s water.’ Kim freed herself and started limping toward it.

Kim followed wielding her self-made torch in her hand irradiating the place and scurrying all the rats. Kim stopped. ‘What?’ Kira yelled.

Kim stood stationary and then just leaped.

‘No!’ Kira screamed and ran forward only to find a ledge and huge basin underneath, somewhat similar to the one before. She heard echoes from the bottom. ‘What?’ she screamed back.

‘I said ‘GET DOWN HERE’’

Kira took a deep breath and jumped, folding her legs close to her chest and dove deep into a large pool. She rose to the surface and was very pleased not to have a coat of oil on her this time.

‘That way,’ Kim directed her neck and started to swim.


Rains poured heavy and with the donkey and the cart draped by a large loose cover, Rayna and Karin had a better idea to make use of their time. Their clothes off, they played with each other in the soaking grass. They hugged, kissed and wrestled in the dirt, their bodies littered with leaves and twigs that stuck to their bare skins. They played with Karin’s unloaded pistol, rubbing it against each other, introducing it into their orifices and later just tossing it aside. Rayna got on top. She felt the oddest medley of sensations. Her top-half was being showered by thick drops of ice-cold rain, as it bathed her back, washed her hair, her neck, her lips and froze her ice cold nipples, her bottom half was hot sliding against her partners equally hot genitals as her toes grasped on the wet dirt and grass to find footing. They moaned and moaned in heightened sense of pleasure competing with sounds of the rainfall and roars of the thunder. Every now and then a bolt of lightning would make Rayna squirm. Karin enjoyed watching every drop of water from the girls’ dancing breasts enter her mouth while her back slogged against the cold wet ground. This was a heaven she had not felt not even the last time they did this. It was different because she finally felt Rayna be her complete true self. There was no money involved, just the sweet taste of freedom and her partner’s gratitude for it.


‘That’s a convertible,’ shouted Kira. The ledge had let them to somewhat of a garage. The whole place felt very distinguishable from the rest of where they had been. Kira kept a look out for the flesh eating monsters.

‘Not just any convertible,’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Ben gave this to me when I was 11,’

‘Ben is who?’

‘Ben’ Kim replied gently hoping into the front seat. She stroked her fingers over the dashboard and played with the leather. She grasped the steering hard and squeezed them. She loved the noise tightening leather made.

‘It’s in good condition,’ Kira marvelled at the exterior walking about it. Kim was starting to get protective over it. ‘Hey! Just get in. Don’t touch anything,’

‘Alright.’ Kira retracted. She reached for the handle on the passenger’s side over the right.

‘That doesn’t work. You have to hop in.’

Kira smiled. ‘Now it feels like it came from this planet.’ She insulted jokingly.

‘Say another mean thing about her, and our deal is over,’

‘Wow,’ Kira laughed. ‘Touchy. You must really love your girl. So Ben is like your father?’

‘No, you don’t fuck your father.’

‘God No, you don’t.’ Kira gasped shocked at her response. ‘Wait, you said you were 11,’

‘Yes,’ Kira replied. ‘It was a better time,’

‘Oh,’ Kira was puzzled at her response ‘How old are you now?’


‘No you’re not,’

‘Erm, yes I fucking am,’ She started the ignition and the machine roared. ‘Yes, come on baby. You know mommy loves you,’ she smiled patting her sides of car.

‘Wait that means,’

Kira had long lost interest in this conversation. She quickly turned the gears and pumped the pedals. The car sped forward, with headlights brand new lighting the path before them.

It was a long runway before they entered another long dark tunnel, much wider this time, but Kim kept on speeding. ‘Wait what are you doing?’ Kira withdrew into her seat as she gasped. Kim had a devilish stare. ‘STOP! STOP!’ Kira screamed as they sped even faster and faster and just before Kira had her arms to her face they sped through tearing a thick sheet of cloth and on to an open road.

Kira observed her surroundings. It looked as though they had come out of a freeway tunnel and onto a long highway. ‘That was some kind of a parking garage. Or least it was,’ she mumbled to herself. Kira peered further back as the full view of the plant they had just come from revealed its magnanimous metal and cement architecture, half-buried in sand and half-stretching west disappearing to the distance.

‘HAHA!’ Kim screamed as she howled toward the dawning sun. ‘I’m still alive Bitch,’ she honked and sped over the smooth road. Kira noticed cement buildings all around her, all buried in rock and sand, just the top parts visible. The only reason there was a road there would mean, ‘a flyover’ she smiled wondering about the mysteries the planet’s past.

‘You’re a fucking mad one aren’t you?’ Kim responded.

‘Well at least I’m not a fucking alien,’

The thought suddenly came to Kira’s head. ‘Wait, a year is longer here. You mean 12 as in this planet’s time. That would make you 28.

‘Fuck you I’m not 28.’

‘No, I mean I am 32, but in universal time,’

‘Yeah you look 32,’

‘Wait, what does that mean? You think I look 60? Fuck you bitch,’

Kim started to giggle, and seconds later so did Kira.

‘So, the nearest town is Golgotha. I hope you find what you’re looking for,’

‘I need some kind of transmitter. Something good enough to send a help signal,’

‘Don’t know if you can find anything like that there,’

‘Really? What do they have there?’

‘Thieves, whores, and the occasional righteous merchant,’

Kim took a deep breath enjoying the wind in her hair as before. ‘You know I have been lucky so many times already since I landed here. Let’s hope I’ll still be.’


The donkey was pleased to have before it an entire bag of beans. Rayna caressed its ear lovingly. She didn’t think she would she become so fond of the animal.

‘Breakfast is served,’ said Karin. Rayna approached the fire and the eggs fried to perfection on a metal plate. Just the smell made her stomach churn. ‘Where did you find them?’

‘The mockingbirds,’


‘Yes, where else do you think food comes from?’

‘I guess,’

Karin had already finisher her portion. She wiped the barrel of her gun and waited for Rayna to finish hers.

‘Can you teach me? Like really?’

‘Of course. Let’s try’

Karin quickly got up to find some rocks and assembled them one of top of the other a few metres from where they sat.

‘Alright,’ she said taking aim.

‘Wait,’ Rayna gobbled down the remainder of the egg and headed straight for her.

‘Hold here,’ she gave the pistol to Rayna and positioned it, adjusting her shoulders and elbows from behind her. ‘Alright, you can do it with one eye closed or both open, whichever helps you aim,’

‘BANG’ the first shot only scattered the birds from the trees but the rocks were still.

‘I missed,’

‘Wait,’ Karin peered hard. ‘You see over there,’ pointing at a scraped bark of a tree to the left. ‘That’s where it went when you thought you had it. Now adjust yourself so you can course correct. Anticipate what you think the bullet sees and not what you see.’

Rayna figured she had to tilt her body ever so slightly to the right and then tried again.


They looked hard for the bullets trace. ‘There down those bushes,’ Karin pointed. ‘Now it was too far to the right.’ Rayna whined.

‘Patience dear girl. Give it another go,’

Rayna calmed herself and took aim. She stared long at hard at her trajectory for a good few seconds.


The top stone fell but the bullet was nowhere in sight.

‘Shit, I won’t kill anyone like that,’

‘The aim is not to kill. It’s to protect,’

Rayna smiled as she internalised those words. She looked hard at her stoic rescuer, standing strong, lethal but wise and handed the pistol back to her. ‘Thank you,’ she said, ‘for everything.’

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