Kira woke up abruptly to a slight tickle over her nose. Little children in just loin cloth giggled as they withdrew. She noticed one of them was holding a feather. ‘Good morning!’ she greeted then yawned. It seemed to amuse the kids so much. She could see past the hemp that made the tent, the warmth of the sun penetrating through. It was easy on the eyes while they adjusted. She heard pots and pans clanging from outside. She figured she would help with breakfast in whatever way they would let her.

As soon as she walked out to greet the morning, she noticed how much work they managed to get done the night before. The place was clean, fixed and apart from a few broken spots here and there, it was relatively coming together quite nicely. Opposing her, she noticed Kim coming out of her tent, stretching her back waving at her with a half-smile and after her came out a tall sturdy village man, lean and muscular only wearing a simple tunic smiling at her while he gently patted her face before he left. It was of the villagers who caught them in the woods the night before. Kira raised her eyebrows impressed. Then, came out another tall sturdy village men, with equal built as the one before and gave Kim a warm hug before leaving to his duties. Kira’s jaw slightly dropped.

‘Guys!’ a voice called out from afar. The two women turned to see Rayna dressed in a long drab hemp tunic at the entrance of the village calling out for them to follow. Inquisitive, the obeyed.

She led them back to the waterfall. ‘Look!’ They were amazed to see horses, graceful with their heads lowered, drinking from the pool while children played idly by. ‘The village chief says they are ours.’ She paused and looked at Kira star-struck, ‘and they’re called horses.’

‘OK!’ Kim decided to put an end to her tomfoolery. ‘You never spoke to him about this. You happen to see horses and now you want to steal them. I’ve had it with this.’ She turned to head back to the village when one of the kids called out from the water.

‘No! No! We are heading back,’

‘I think they are inviting us,’ Kira replied.

‘Of course they are,’ Rayna answered as she immediately removed her tunic exposing her naked breasts and underwear and jumped right in to join the others.

‘Wow, she is relentless isn’t she,’ Kim sighed. After a brief second, she too took off her top and shorts to jump right in.

woman standing near waterfalls

‘Well, are you waiting for a separate invitation?’ Kim remarked watching Kira backing away with her arms crossed. She noticed Rayna float on the surface with her chest facing up, nipples hard and freezing and made a wild guess about how cold the water must have been. ‘Come on,’ they kept calling her. The village kids kept making noises ushering her to do the same. Kira took off a shoe and tipped her toes in the cold stream. ‘NO!’ she decided before turning around. As she did though, a tall village man appeared from behind and pushed her into the water.

‘Aaaahhh!’ she screamed as she was completely wet, her jumpsuit and everything. There was much laughter as she flapped her hands all over the place. Even the horses were clamouring after her. Kira calmed herself, shivering while she turned around to see the man uncontrollably laughing away at the bank. She couldn’t help but laugh at herself as well. The kids immediately started splashing even more water at her. ‘Stop!’ she yelled and retaliated with splashes of her own.

The fun filled morning went on for a bit but was disturbed with a blaring horn back from the village. The children immediately got off and got into their clothes before heading back. The three outsiders stared at each other for a bit. ‘Maybe we should follow,’ Kira suggested.

‘Shouldn’t we Rayna?’ Kim stared at her, sheepishly smiling back. ‘It’s probably an announcement,’ Rayna cleverly replied.

Back at the village, the chief had gathered all the villagers to the square. He had a glorious smile on his face, and his presumed wife was massaging his shoulders while he spoke seated on a wooden chair. The villagers surrounding sat cross-legged listening to him with all their attention.

‘So, what is he saying?’ Kim asked while they sat right at the back.

Rayna made careful deductions of the village chief’s mannerisms. Each wave at the sky, she said, ‘he’s thanking the sky and the winds…’ and each wave to the ground she said, ‘the earth for all the bounty,’ and then he waved to them. The three were shocked that all eyes were on them.

‘I think he wants us to come forward. Isn’t that right Rayna?’ Kira stood up along with the other two and they slowly approached.

He smiled and patted all three of them hard on their shoulders and nodded at them. They were nudged to turn around for the whole square as they received an applause. Kira smiled and waved, still feeling soggy and wet from earlier. ‘Just like the old days,’ she muttered. Rayna and Kim smiled and played along.

Before leaving, they were given several baskets of bread, rice, tomatoes and some onions. Kira was trying to plead the lady to stop. ‘Leave some for your own kids, please,’ she begged as the woman kept forcing her to keep a few more loaves. She however accepted a fresh change of clothes. It was a loose-fitting hemp top that covered until her belly button along with some stretchy tights that clearly was taken from a raid. One of the tall men from Kim’s tent earlier brought along a horse guiding it by its martingale and offered it to Kim. ‘Me?’ she appeared startled and immediately turned to Rayna. ‘See?’ Rayna replied, smug.

Kim thanked the man as he held his chest and gently drew back. ‘People are so nice here,’ Kira smiled as well while another horse was brought before her. The village chief personally gave a horse to Rayna. It was beautiful as she was, white, with straightened gold hairs, eyes black as the tar glimmering, and strong sturdy legs that could ride for miles. Rayna was in tears.

adult backlit dream catcher girl

She had no idea that Karin had made such an impact on them, that indirectly she was still keeping her alive even though she wasn’t really there, and was proud by association. ‘Not in a long time, has this “Milk” been treated with such respect and kindness’ she thought to herself. She thanked the chief in his own language, as she had picked up watching and learning. The village chief laughed at her attempt. As the women were hoisted up to their saddles, the one man from earlier used his opportunity to playfully grab Kim’s butt one last time before a happy send-off. She winked right back as she adjusted herself. Running in her mind though was her previous experience in horse riding, and how that basically meant she had no experience riding at all. She remembered being dragged across the sand while she tumbled in the dunes. ‘Fuck!’ she cursed under her breath while the other two started to trot ahead. ‘Wait up,’ her voice cracked. She mustered the courage as she tugged the reins a little. There was embarrassing laughter behind her then suddenly, she felt a thump, as though the horse had been slapped on its rear end and she went speeding ahead. ‘Fuuuuuuuu…,’ she screamed as the horse galloped away ahead of the other two along a narrow path into the woods.




agriculture barn countryside dawn

Karin learned very quickly about the Barn, its operations and its politics. She was quite impressed in how the place was managed, and frankly she knew very well she couldn’t do a better job. Livestock was kept where she was stationed and were treated with utmost respect, and that included feeding, sanitation, and breeding schedules, nothing seemed to be substandard for cost effectiveness. The drug exports and routes were handled the same way, with precise calculation, trucks, ships and planes to deliver goods exactly where they needed to go on time without a single delay or complaint. Goods of course included the prostitutes for sale. They however had separate living arrangements, proper meal times, gym equipment, mandatory weighing, skin care, and even a third-rate doctor to check them up. They were situated in a fortified bungalow a few miles off, but still visible from the stables. The girls were not touched or meddled with like the prisoners and they had no scars. They only sex they had was with toys and each other. ‘Nobody likes a dent’ Madam Rose would say.

Karin scrubbed the floors and tiles, she mended the lighting when the bulbs went out. She collected the manure and redistributed them as fertilizer. Every now and then she would peep from a wall far into the distance into the housing quarters and masturbate while watching the girls play in their outside pool. She of course was not the only one. It so happened by chance she caught a few other goons doing it as well. For fear of being ratted out to the woman-in-charge, they shared their binoculars with her in exchange for silence over the matter and even invited her to join their sessions.

It was in one of these peculiar sessions that Karin met a rather strange acquaintance.

‘Look, its Goldie, and Crystal again.’

‘Who this time?’ another goon asked again planting himself a few meters beside him, one hand holding a binoculars, and another in his pants.

‘Goldie! Oh look she is taking it all off,’ said another with his hands gripping his exposed penis hard pleasuring himself.

One them yelped in excitement and it was over. Karin usually sat at the back, splayed open her legs and took time with herself. Watching the girls play and bounce their carefree bosoms around was enough for some of the goons but even the girls knew they were putting on a show, and sometimes would stare directly back and blow kisses. That was usually when most if not all would leave after relieving themselves. Karin would usually be the last to keep going and if ever she caught someone using her as inspiration, she would fling a glass bottle right at them, of which she would carry a few.

That night however, she discovered that she was indeed not alone. Goldie and Crystal finished their little show and tip toed their way back into their bungalow, water dripping from their bikinis and all Karin heard was, ‘No, no, no!’ from a few meters in front of her.

She moved her binoculars away and noticed a short, skinny, dishevelled man, with his hair and beard untrimmed for months holding on to his flaccid penis whimpering. Karin was tempted to laugh at the poor fool. ‘Can’t get it to work huh?’ she sneered.

The man sighed as he collected himself and pulled up his pants. He turned around to face her when she immediately shut her legs and flapped over her tunic.

‘Don’t worry. It’s definitely dead I’m sure,’ he replied while he stooped and walked past her.

‘Wait,’ she stopped him. ‘How come I have never seen you here before?’

‘I used to come,’

‘I’m sure you did,’ she chuckled but he didn’t seem to catch the double entendre. ‘What’s the problem man? You want to talk about it? I got time. Horses are asleep, I got some beer.’

‘Sure,’ he replied as he found a nice sturdy wooden pillar to rest his back against where he sat. She flung a can, which hit his head before his palms unintentionally clapped in front of him. Karin continued to chuckle guilt free. ‘I’m sorry, but I don’t think I have met a man like you in quite a while. It’s refreshing,’

‘I know that is an insult but I seriously don’t care,’ he started chuckling as well which only allowed Karin to burst out even more.

‘Alright, so what do you care about then? Men who can’t get off usually have too much on their minds.’

‘Maybe I did. I started out as a prisoner you know. I did the scrap work, got raped over and over again. People think it’s just the women but no, we get it too. I did favours, just small ones and soon enough Lucas had better plans for me.’

‘Plans?’ Karin curiosity was piqued.

‘I used to design things. Planes, rockets, those type of stuff. Lucas thought it would be best I took care of the garage and the plane dock. I did a little fixing here and there and I have been here ever since.

‘How many ages has it been?’

‘5…6? Who’s counting? Nobody leaves. The snipers make sure of that,’

‘You never thought of just flying a plane out of here?’

‘And risk going back to the dungeons again? Come on. Did you like that?’

‘How do you know I was there?’

‘That scar over your thigh is fresh,’ he pointed.

Karin saw that a piece of her inner thigh was still showing. ‘You pervert,’ she exclaimed. ‘I’m going to put my pants back on.’

‘Must be tough, with the leg and everything,’ he changed the subject.

Karin knocked on the wood casing of her prosthesis. ‘It’s brought me some good fortune,’

‘You call this good fortune?’ he scoffed swinging his finger around the surrounding.

‘Good point, but I don’t mean this.’

‘Ah!’ he read her expressions and assumed, ‘you have someone. Someone you met on the outside.’

‘The love of my life,’

‘I once had that,’

‘What happened to her?’ Karin prodded even further. She was beginning to like this new found friend of hers.

The man took a large gulp from his can, as a huge sum of it dripped over his beard, he snapped his lips a couple of times before answering.

‘Lucas had her. And then she died,’ his voice suddenly mellowed.

‘Some people just take, and take and keep taking don’t they?’

The man looked right back at her, smiling. ‘Thanks for the beer, and the time.’ He got up and abruptly ended their conversation before he started to walk his way out.

‘Wait!’ Karin called out. ‘Your name at least,’



‘Yeah, and you are?’


‘See you around, Karin,’

‘You too Kade. I hope you have better luck tomorrow.’

Kade smiled back. ‘You know, if you want I can show you around their bungalow. They let me go in sometimes to fix the plumbing and whatnot and there’s a toilet that’s been on my to-do list for days now. You can come by if you like.’

‘I just might take you up on that offer Kade,’

‘It’s a date then,’ he waved as he exited the stables through a side door and headed back to the garage.

Karin pulled her pants back up and headed to her little room where a small mattress awaited her for a couple of hours of slumber. She could use all the rest she could get before another day of heavy toiling in the farm.

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