Saw you from miles away, but I never really saw you

You saw me though, and you said Hi, but I still didn’t see you

Why would I? A shadow has no eyes

My monsoon in July, my evening hot cup of milk with foreign cornflakes

You saw a shadow, pretending to be human, and for a moment the shadow thought he was human too

I thought I lifted you up, but it was you who rose, and pushed you down but it was you who fell, I stood by watching as your world moved about you, like a shadow should, never involved, only reacting

But you reached out your hand, so many times believing that I would reach back

But I still didn’t see you, my breeze in December, my tea at dawn by the grit and the dirt

But I thank you though, for if not for you, the shadow would have not known the sensation of human skin

Like a cloudless sky in April, the sun casts a shadow over me, affirming me as real as any other

One shadow alone, waiting for me to move and tell it where to go

Only this time, its mine, not yours, and I wished I saw what you saw all those seasons ago, two shadows dancing together under the glow of dusk

Blissfully unaware of their masters and where they wanted to go

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