Little town by the bay

Blue as Dusk and sea meet, the blue I see above the freckles on your face

Our eyes meet under the stars aplenty, we wonder if it’s a plane or galaxy far away

A ballad of strings plays in the distance, the shoreline sways at pace

Bringing our stories that reach endless night, we capture a moment that we know will fade

It felt like a summer, a reason to stay

A tinder was lit, and embers grew, a fire smouldered and the warmth was new

A smile and a kiss, and a promise was made

A bond was sewn that nothing could fray

Day or night, not one could tell

For an eternity melted into a timeless spell

Felt like you knew me before we met

Before my heart opened, the glue still wet

I allowed the pain to show, to give you a taste

You smiled behind the blue of your eyes, above the freckles on your face

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