Ol’ Dog

Hello ol Dog how r u today?

Could be better ol Dog, feeling a little dismay

You mind telling what happened ol Dog, see if talking helps you then

You see ol Dog, I think I lost a friend

So how did it unfold this event of events?

I bought her a ticket and told her to wait but she got on the train, didn’t look back and left the state

I understand Dog that you miss your friend, but why get her the ticket if you wanted her to stay

Coz I wanted her to meet her friend on the other side of the bay

And you hope she would tear the ticket or at least come back to your side?

But he is a friend who is better and will give her a good ride

Its alright Dog, you have me here

But when this puddle dries up you too will disappear

And when it rains come see me again, perhaps we can stand together and watch the train

Perhaps she’ll come back with a ticket for me

Oh poor dog, if she has extra tickets it would be for her new family

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