The lies of time

Bring the light closer, let the spirits ignite, as my old flames have dwindled in smoke, the fury have lost flight

Your voice now whispers, your throat dries, I hear no words now but your lingering scent cries

In my screens you’ve faded in both color and frame, what remains is inkblot, and the shadow of our shame

Your eyes still glimmer, smouldering beneath the charcoal, Ankles free of my golden ropes, hopefully happy deep in the warm hut of your household

Held and kissed on goodnight’s cast, a happiness ignorant of the calamity of the past, a place so far in timeless fantasy, to the stars I send you, a happiness that doesn’t belong to me

Your smile swells, but it lingers cruel. How do I erase you, oh memory of old?

Whilst you still have a place in my heart, go. Forget the place that you once chose for your seeds to sew. Return not to see my health, for I promise you that I am not far from hell.

Lets scars pull and chew, retelling the blissful ignorance we’d put ourselves through. I’ve been trying my best not a memory to pursue, regardless how many the stars and the parmenant inkblot that history has chosen to remember you


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