A little part of me wants to know,

What made you do what you did?

What made you decide?

It was an old tale of the perfect union, or were you looking for more? Pieces that won’t fit or were you doing the wrong puzzle?

And now what? You’re done playing with your toys but you can’t put them back in your box. You sit and grovel about how one piece doesn’t fit and you still keep looking.

You think you see it,

So you take the pair of scissors in your hands and you start dismembering.

You ignore the cries of anguish as long as you piece that blood soaked stump into your so-called masterpiece.

Would you showcase that? Would you let the world see all that ugly?

Or worse, would you bleed everything else to fit the one crime you should have never commited in the first place?

And now that you have made that decision, are you proud? Tell me…