To You

I didn’t know you well, but I saw the lives you touched.

I remember you were the warmest. We were from different eras but we it felt like I already knew you.

Mouths and ears, not one or the other, and in the end we became friends.

I wonder how many countless others feel the same way. How many love you so much that they beat their chests wishing they had spent more time with you?

You were an adventurer, you lived eccentrically. That’s Right, YOU LIVED!

But you were strong in your pain glossed over, invisible, smiling at the poor souls who thought they had bigger problems than you. You made us feel safe. YOU DID THAT!

I didn’t know you well. Introduced to your legacy, I pride myself that I met you in the crossroads, and as you did with many such travellers, I now see a paths before me that weren’t there before. I smile watching your legacy shine in the horizons beyond.

Thank you and continue LIVING…