In the middle the high noon, the sky empty & unforgiving, the marauders returned to their home base, empty-handed, nothing to show for but await what was due.

‘And what this time?’ the sound of Lucas’ bellowing amplified by the echoes made its way down reverberating through the empty cylinder as every note sent shrills down their spines. They arched their necks up and dared not disengage eye contact.

‘2 women, and you fuck it up,’

‘Lucas,’ a brave one among them interjected. The crowd gasped together.

‘They had a vehicle, and it could do crazy things, but these women are not just two ordinary civilians. The one with the gun is just a crazy bitch. We will not underestimate them again.’

‘Underestimate? You make it sound like they’re warriors.’ Lucas became disinterested, furious, and his patience was wearing thin. Unable to face his incompetent men, he turned to his chambers and ignored the continuous ramblings of the one old fool trying to justify his actions.

‘I tell them to find the one woman and the whore she escaped with and they come back with excuses.’ He rolled his fingers on his temples, in his feeble attempt to stop the pounding. ‘Maybe this will help?’ said the girl over his bed, spreading her legs wide apart welcoming him.

‘I don’t think that’s going to solve the problem now,’ he sat at edge of the mattress, his hands shaking. ‘What can I do? It’s so much money. We find Milk girls, and you know how expensive they can be? We hope their expensive fucks will finally get us some returns. Instead we get resistance. A whole fucking town unable to hold two girls down. Fuck you, Karin, fuck you!’ he screamed at the door envisioning her there, almost taunting him.

‘Did you say Milk girls?’


‘I have never seen one before,’ the girl said in excitement.

‘We have a whole herd just west of the farm. I’ll take you later.’

‘Thank you,’ she kissed his neck, and bit his ear while she breathed into it, slowly making him surrender to her.

The door barged open.

‘Sir, please look at the window,’ proclaimed Lucas’ right hand man, a brawny rugged old chap who never tolerated Lucas’ nonsense who went by just ‘Steed’. He would barge in mid coitus if it were important and Lucas would trust with him with his balls for safe keeping if it were detachable. As he got up and walked up to see the window, he eyes opened wide in both shock and awe. As they peered west they noticed the billowing smoke, far in the distance, and more surprisingly a flashing light in the middle of sky.

‘That’s,’ Lucas jaw dropped.

‘Yes,’ Steed replied. ‘That is,’


Kira hadn’t had a slumber this good since she arrived on this desolate planet. The winds were gentle, blowing her hair, kissing her cheeks and tickling her shoulders. Her body was weak and her mind finally rested, dreamless.

Kim peered through her rear-view mirror. ‘Something isn’t right,’ she thought to herself. She wrestled with the notion to wake her acquaintance up but she didn’t want to start a commotion without being absolutely sure.

‘Vrangg, Vranggg!!’ the sounds crept from far behind the dunes west. Each ‘vrangg’ louder than its predecessor.

That was when she saw one, then two and immediate following that, an entire gang of dirt bike riders coming at her direction and entering the lonely highway. ‘Fuck! She cursed loud enough it startled Kira to consciousness. Bullets flew passed them chipping off tiny rock from the road, almost as if to intimidate, like a warm up before a showdown. Suddenly, Kira felt a sting by her ear as a bullet grazed past it and buried itself into the windscreen.

‘FUCK!’ Kim went hysterical. ‘My car, my beautiful car,’

Bullets continued flying toward them from the rear. Kira ducked with her palms over her ears.

‘The glove compartment,’ Kim screamed. ‘Hand it to me. Kira!’

Kira looked back and nodded.

One pop open, and in lay a rifle.

‘It’s a semi-auto,’ Kira’s eyebrows rose surprised. ‘How do you have these? You know what, never mind,’

Kim grabbed it from her, held it positioned close to her chest and turned to fire while releasing her feet from the paddles. ‘Oh my God, Kim. Who’s driving?’

‘You’re fucking driving.’ Kim retorted.

Kim had very quick aim. She retaliated the wave with another of her own, and despite the erratic nature of Kira’s trying to manouver the steering from where she was, Kim maintained a good lock on all her targets as she steered the direction of the rifle in sync with the car’s movements.

Kira climbed over as Kim stepped to the backseat, on one knee, she balanced herself and aimed for the tyres, some punctured through and some just ricocheted off the rims and spikes.

‘Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!’ there were bullets to and fro. Three bikes remained all encroaching on them. She ducked to reload.

‘Who are these clowns?’ Kira peered far at the road ahead.

‘They’re looking for me. They still think I owe them the cargo,’

‘Oh you mean the truck? You stole that from them?’

‘We’ll technically yes, and no,’ she defended, and went back up.

Kira’s eyes opened wide. As the road became elevated off the ground, there lay a huge pit beneath them. The highway had become a bridge but to their misfortune there was an ever-growing gap in the long stretch. ‘The road is dead. We’re gonna fall,’ she panicked.

‘YES!’ Kim patted her accomplice’s shoulder.

‘What do you mean “YES!”?’

‘When I say “NOW”, you jab your feet on that pedal over there,’

Kira glanced for a second to notice there was something her foot could reach to press just left of the brakes.


Kira jammed her foot on it. There was a sudden thud and a powerful pressure from beneath them lifted them off the ground. As the car flew mid-air above the gapping hole, Kira prayed they could make it to the other side.

Kim had an aerial advantage. The brief second where the riders had to tilt the necks and readjust their guns was all but enough time to send a barrage of ammunition straight for their heads, limbs and torsos. Each a kill shot and the last biker who foolishly attempted to jump himself off his bike and ride the momentum found a bullet to his head while the last moments of his life were spent mid-air over a deep pit into nothingness.

Kim saw two more bikers in the distance, haulting to give up and regrettingly retreat.

‘THUD’ and the car hit the road hard on the other side and swerved uncontrollably while the tyres burnt rubber.

‘GOD!’ Kira yelled holding on to the steering trying to regain balance.

Kim jumped back front, now onto the passenger seat. ‘Wow, you have a hot butt,’

‘Thank you?’

‘No I mean literally. The seat feels like you cooked something here,’

Kira rolled her eyes away, and perhaps it was a cultural thing, but Kim didn’t understand the gesture. Her eyes peered everywhere for more attackers but what she found instead was more shocking.

‘You feel that wind?’ she said with a curious look on her face, as she felt something stronger pushing againts them from her right. ‘Pull over,’ Kim ordered.

They slowed down and parked the vehicle by the side of the road. Kira was feeling it too. Kim jumped off the car and starting running, climbing over huge mound of red cobblestone. Kira soon followed, slolwy cracking her joints as she walked.

‘What is it?’ Kira asked prematurely before she finally saw it; a huge tornado in the distance destroying palm trees and shanty town houses.

tornado on body of water during golden hour

‘That’s Golgotta,’

‘That’s where we are going,’


Kira dropped to her knees as she felt a deep sense of dread shroud over her again. Losing hope she uttered, ‘I’ll never see her again will I?’ she cried.

Kim wasn’t too sure what to reply, instead she dismissed it as a rhetorical question.

‘Let’s go,’ said Kim. ‘I said I will get you there, and I keep to my word.’


What is that?’ Rayna stared at the horrific winds of nature tear an entire town apart, setting it in chaos.

‘That’s a tornado. Something like a storm,’ Karin replied.

‘That’s home,’

‘That was,’

Karin clicked her tongue urging the donkey to keep moving. ‘Wait,’ Rayna halted. She got off the cart and walked to the edge of a small cliff. They were now a miles away from from where they first met but in Karin’s mind, danger could still be lurking. Still, she excused her lover to have to her one last look.

Rayna stared long and hard, and felt something deeply scarring. She had known that place for a couple of ages, her friends, the men she met, the villagers, the markets, just all gone, wiped out. There was something cathartic about watching it all go like that.

‘Look,’ Karin pointed slightly east. ‘Nomads,’


‘Yes, finding for a new home.’

‘These tornados happen often?’ Rayna asked curiously.

‘Their becoming quite,’

Rayna turned to Karin for a little reassurance, but for the first time she had a look on her face that was new to her. She saw ‘uncertainty’.

‘Let’s go, we shouldn’t wait long. Lot of undesirables in these parts.’

They climbed back on board and as they moved, Rayna was transfixed on nature’s carnage. ‘What beauty this world had, even in its destruction and malice’, she remembered a quote from one of her customers some time back. He said that repeatedly spanking her bottom while she cried in pain. Rayna smiled as the memory forced a tear out of her eye. All that was no more or so she thought.

The donkey was first to realise that something was up, and Karin started to alert herself. She withdrew her pistol, checked the ammunition and kept close watch to the trees for shadows hiding. There was a vague looking one straight ahead, crouched, on top a branch. She couldn’t be sure so she cocked her pistol, aimed and suddenly, a bag fell over her head from behind. She fired her pistol erratically and someone kicked it off her wrist. She was pummelled over the head, unable to see past the sack. ‘Rayna! Rayna!’ she cried intermittently as they kept pounding her skull. They held her down and tied her wrists and ankles with rope. She heard the poor shrills of her lover as they she was being forcibly dragged to the side by their feet.

‘Karin! Karin!’ she called back. ‘I’m right here,’ her voice not too far away.

They were made to kneel, and the sacks came loose. Karin stared fiercely at her assailant, her face swollen and bleeding from her brow and nasal bridge. ‘Lucas.’ Five men stood before them, the head honcho disappointed at his own goons earlier decided to tag along this time and show them how things were done.

‘Karin,’ he sneered arrogantly, ‘and my whore I’m guessing,’

‘Who are you?’ Rayna screamed.

‘And it talks,’ he replied as he approached to check her.

Karin struggled to let loose, ‘Lay a finger on her mother-fucker and I’ll cut your genitals off and eat them raw.’

Lucas chuckled as he held Rayna’s chin and inspected her as he did with all his goods. ‘You don’t know me sweetie, but technically you are my property.’

‘Golgotha is gone, you don’t have any more business there any longer,’ Karin said attempting to trigger him.

Lucas was unfortunately calm. ‘I’m aware of that, but property is property and,’

‘Take me,’ Karin interjected when she realised she had to adopt a different strategy. This was not a situation which she could just turn into a battlefield and escape.

‘You?’ Lucas laughed, and his sheep chuckled along but he was finally intrigued. ‘Who are you gonna fuck for me? Does that metal leg of yours’ vibrate? That’ll be worth something,’ the crowd became hysterical.

‘I’ll fuck you,’ she stared even harder at him. One of them kept laughing as the others stared awkwardly back. Lucas was beginning to consider it, plotting his vengeance on his bed instead of gunning her right where she was.

‘You see how easy it is to do this?’ He ignored her and started to talk to his men. ‘And what vehicle were you all taking about? It’s a stupid donkey and a cart.’

‘These weren’t the girls. They were in some car that could jump of ledges and pits,’ said one of the goons, ‘and they had an automatic rifle.’

‘You mean you got the wrong girls?’ Steed lowered his head embarrassed.

The donkey just meters away brayed as though it understood, mocking them. ‘Shut up,’ furious, Lucas cocked his pistol and blew its head. The donkey immediately fell to its legs, lifeless.

‘NOOOOOO!’ Rayna screamed horrifically.

‘You had a thing for the donkey? Sorry child,’ Lucas remarked. For a second he was starting to feel sorry for her, but he wasn’t about to appear weak infront of his men. He took a long stare at Karin. ‘Fine, join my harem, and the Milk goes free. You have my word.’

‘Thank you,’ Karin forced down her pride. She knew she would need to find another opportunity to escape but it was all she could do for the time being. ‘Rayna,’ she cried. ‘Look at me. It’s going to be alright.’ Rayna stammered as she kept on tearing, hoping that her savior would suddenly bust out of her rope restraints and violently murder everyone on sight.

Lucas watched the girls closely. He waved at his men to cover Karin’s head again and carry her back to their truck. He gave one last glance to the girl in tears. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have killed the animal,’ he thought to himself.

‘Look, cover your body with mud or something. The woods are dangerous for a Milk like you.’ He retrospectively found that statement to be a little too empathetic, so he added, ‘unless you don’t mind being raped all the way to the next town. That is if you make it past one night,’ and his men chuckled a bt, in a cruel narcissistic way.

Rayna faced the ground, defeated. ‘Keep North, there’s a village.’ Lucas ended before he climbed back into the truck. Rayna felt something thrown at her- some drab garment to cover herself up.

‘Can we keep the beans boss?’ asked one of the goons checking through the barrels on the cart, distracting Lucas from her. ‘What? Yeah, sure, whatever.’ The goon excitedly whistled at some of his friends to help him offload.

‘Go north, you’ll be fine. We will see each other again. I promise, ’ said Karin’s muffled voice underneath the sack from the back of the truck. She felt her soul being ripped apart from her as the truck turned to drive off. Lucas wrapped his arms around his prize gripping her shoulders, dreaming of what he would like to do to her once they got back but Karin was not the slightest bit intimidated. She smiled underneath, already plotting her escape. Her one worry though was Rayna, the poor girl crying in the forest. What would she do? Where would she go? How will she get there?

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