Clipped wings dont mean no flight, Break free now with all your might

Listen to the rumble of the hearts, they are just, they rest in your loins, they cascade into lust

Longing for a kiss goodnight, after a good scream and a fight,

Listen to the cry of your soul, the fruit is ripe, it understands you whole

Kill the darlings that sweeten the tongue, like devils they bring sugar on the run

Listen to the mind at peace, mistake not for disease, it is at ease, so do as you please

Find hope that love will conquer, for one’s self more than the other

Find a kiss from the water, a blessing from a brother, a dress in the summer and a fcuk in the chamber

A drunk speaks, listen. He believes the Lord has yet risen. Left to fend, we are nothing if not men.

Wait not for me, my Taurus. For at journey’s end, we will always have our chorus.

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